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Reseller Service IPTV

Since we get lately more and more requests whether we have a Reselling Service for IPTV, we decided to publish a short article about it.

Why should I become a reseller ?

If you are an IPTV reseller with us, you will have your own panel to create a 24-hour free trial for your customers, manage customer accounts and start selling IPTV subscriptions to your customers.

There are many reasons to become a reseller.

Small investment, there are many providers on the market IPTV provider with a good price, but you need to make sure you have quality.

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Use of existing IPTV infrastructure and content
  • You can easily and almost infinitely evolve when your service launches
  • Set your own profit margin

Reselling IPTV will be a great way to help you earn more and more money without any investment or specific skills. That you will get a high quality stream at low cost.

You can easily earn up to 10.000€ per month and more with us!

Your advantages with us as a reseller

- Bonus from 500€ deposit

- Reseller account not time limited ( it never expires unless it is no longer in service and under 10€ credit on it over 6 months. )

- Stable German & Foreign IPTV also at events

- No direct branding

- You can earn up to €10,000 a month and more.

Do you have rules ?

- No test lines at the weekend

What are our prices ?

With us 1 Credit = 1 Euro

12 months costs 45 Credit respectively 45 € from 50 customers even only 40 €

6 months costs 25 Credit respectively 25 € from 50 customers only 20€

3 months cost 15 credit respectively 15 €

1 month costs 10 credit respectively 10 €

The panel activation costs 50€ once, after that you have no follow-up costs, we don't charge any further fees, if you recharge 500€ directly the 50€ activation costs are waived and bonus is added.

ATTENTION!!! Deposits only possible with Bitcoin, with Cryptovoucher only with 100€ codes

Please contact us via e-mail.