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We have over 80% of countries Local - Corvus IPTV provider ⚡ of the luxury class.
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Simple setup

Whether on iOS, Android, Enigma2, Dreambox, VLC Player, we are happy to help you & also provide instructions. Just ask our support! With us, the EPG import is usually fully automated. Whether M3U or Xtream codes the support will help you.

Fast support

In order to guarantee the highest possible customer satisfaction, we always try to provide detailed and fast support. We guarantee a response within 24 hours, but usually we are much faster.

24h Testline

Try our service for 24 hours and see for yourself our unique quality. At the same time, we offer lower prices than many of our competitors.

Customer reviews

Customer ratings 2024

We will be happy to publish your review if you submit one to us (the names will of course be changed to ensure anonymity). Otherwise you can also submit a product under the IPTV Make the product yourself, we will remove the name.

After the ICAM changeover I had to switch from cline to m3u, after a few missteps I found iptv25 and stayed here, as did some of my friends. Best IPTV provider

The IPTV works for me very well I am a foreigner and never knew how I can get Turkish channels pure here I was then helped afterwards

Great, thanks a lot! I even got 7 friends through the reseller program and earned per acquaintance about 20-30€, so that I have even my own price again fully out.

Since I have Lagerist not much money, I was looking for a cheap way select & co to look, here I found :).

Buy cheap IPTV High quality, large selection. Variety of countries. Best IPTV provider

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Germany is known for its love of quality and precision, and this also applies to our premium IPTV service. At IPTV25, we understand how to deliver a seamless streaming experience characterized by high bandwidth and low latency. From local news channels to international sporting events, Premium IPTV in Germany means that you don't have to compromise on quality.

Why us?

Wondering what sets us apart from the competition?

10,000 IPTV channels

With over 50 countries and more than 10,000 channels, we offer a service in a class of its own. Watch what you want, where you want and in which language you want. You have unlimited choice with our Internet Protocol Televsion

Fast IPTV activation

We activate your line like lightning ⚡ usually within a few hours, in exceptional cases this can take up to 12 hours.

Anti Freeze Technology

Thanks to our proprietary anti-freeze technology, we are one step ahead of other providers and you can enjoy without annoying dropouts. For SD & HD transmissions you usually need a constant internet connection of at least 8MB. This can be easily tested at At lower speeds, however, stutters/freezes may occur.

Premium IPTV

Comparable Internet Protocol Television providers are generally €20-30 more expensive per year. Just see for yourself.

TeamViewer setup

Our support team will be happy to help you set up your M3U via TeamViewer.

Select and Live Channels

All existing Select & Live channels can be received by us in absolute top quality & completely without freezers or interruptions.

Icam keeps your home dark?

Not with the market-leading IPTV from our IPTV will make your living room bright again!

Buy a new experience now and enter the world of Corvus Television. Benefit from the best server quality and the fastest connection options by purchasing a subscription from us at a reasonable price. IPTV25 subscription packages; It offers you the opportunity to enjoy movie channels, series channels, sports competitions, news channels, documentary channels, a unique wide movie series archive and many more content that we cannot count. In addition, when you buy an IPTV, you no longer need a wired connection that restricts you and you have full access to the freedom of the wireless world. Choose now your suitable subscription package that fits your budget and your taste, and enjoy access to quality and lots of Video on Demand ( VoD for short ) content. just get a free trial of our Internet Protocol Television.

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You have questions about our service? Visit our F.A.Q. here we have already answered many questions.

Good TV should be affordable

A brief introduction about IPTV

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is a technology that enables the transmission of television programs and other video content over the Internet. Content is transmitted in packets over the Internet and played on receiving devices such as smart TVs, computers or set-top box receivers. Compared to traditional TV transmission, IPTV has many advantages, such as a wider choice of channels and content, and better picture and sound quality.

Iphone, tablet and TV. All operating systems with Android operating system. In Enigma2 devices; Dreambox, Vu Duo series, Formuler F series, Gibablue. Smart TV devices: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony All Android TVs. All devices with Xtream codes.

Of course you will receive the same IPTV system. We at are interested in long-term customer loyalty. Unfortunately, due to people who took advantage of our test service, we had to reduce it to 24 hours.

Yes for IPTV we have a reseller program, please click on " Reseller ".

Our IPTV has the following countries included by default.

Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Bulgaria - Czech Republic - Finland - France - Greece - Italy - America - Hungary - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Spain - Sweden - EX YU -Turkey - United Kingdom - UHD 4K - XXX - Sport

The following countries are not included, but can be integrated on request, just send us an email.

A1 TV - Afghanistan - Africa - Albania - Arabia - Armenia - Australia - Azerbaijan - Brazil - China - Denmark - Estonia - India - Indonesia - Iran - Israel - Japan - Korea - Kurdish - Lithuania - Macedonia - Malaysia - Malta - Nepal - Norway - Pakistan - Philippines - Scandinavia - Singapore - Slovenia - Thailand - Ukraine - Vietnam

Using IPTV is not illegal as long as the content transmitted through the technology is legal and the copyrights of the content are respected. There are many legitimate IPTV services without their licenses it is a gray area here at IPTV25 you don't need to worry about your security

To watch IPTV we can recommend the following two players

  • Tivimate
  • IPTV Smarters

Live TV Channels These are the traditional TV channels you watch on cable or satellite TV. They include news, sports, entertainment, movies and more. The choice depends on your IPTV service. Video on Demand (VoD) VoD channels offer a variety of movies and television series on demand. Users can choose from thousands of titles and watch them at their convenience. Regional and International Channels IPTV allows users to access channels from all over the world. You can receive local radio stations, international news channels, sports channels, and more depending on your preferences. Sports Channel Sports fans can access various sports channels and enjoy live broadcasts of various sporting events such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and racing. Professional broadcasting organizations There are also special channels dedicated to specific topics such as science and technology

IPTV unlock all channels

Nowadays to get all the channels eg in the category of sports especially soccer or even tennis ( and there may be much more ) it can cost up to 200€ a month to really get all the

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Turkey IPTV ✔️ best Turkish provider

The best provider for Turkey IPTV Turkish IPTV provider - No freezers even for live events ☑️ Fast switching times & EPG ☑️ Over 200 live channels The way we watch TV has changed over the last few years.

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Icam encryption

Picture dark since ICAM encryption 2022 Since ICAM encryption was introduced in July, the classic C-Lines have remained dark. But with our IPTV we offer you a solution. You can watch as usual on

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